Saturday, 21 April 2012

Contact Epic 125km

I've always seen this event as the Karapoti of the South Island and wanted to really see if the event was as epic as it was made out to be. As part of some long base miles this was a perfect build up race for my North American Campaign in June/July. With a few hard weeks of hours on the roadie I thought I was ready to step it up from the usual hour and a half races to the 5 hour plus mark.

After stressed out at week at uni, I drove to Hawea with my cousin on the friday afternoon and toke in the beautiful drive from Dunedin through Central. We got to Hawea spot on dinner time and were lucky enough to stay with step auntie and uncle at their bach in Hawea.

Was up and ready for the 7am start in the morning and we took off down the first 20km road section. I was keen to catch up Tim t-rex Wilding as he was the one who planted the idea to do this race in my head in the first place and managed to have a good yarn on the road. We then hit the gravel about 25ks in and the race really began. My race plan was to sit on T-rex as long as possible, and so I foolishly did. After reaching the high point of the course there was a group of me, t-rex and defending champ Dougal Allen smashing down the first of the river crossings on the west side of the lake. At this point I started to realise that at 2 hours in I was feeling quite puffed and Nick Miller came flying past and dissapeared . It was here I decided to race my own race as we got to the North end of the lake and crossed the massive river. I then battled through the hardest part of the course flying on the 4wd track, with massive holes and rocks in it. I was so glad to be on a 29er and but was dreaming that there was rear suspension in the Highball. But as soon as I got back onto the hard pack 4wd at Dingleburn station I knew it was a straight smash back to Hawea. the final 30k's were along the awesome cliffs and once I stopped to have a leak and lube the chain I felt way better and put the hammer down to get home and stay in the top 5 overall.

it unfolded to be a wicked day and was all done riding by 12.02 pm meaning I'd done 5 hours and 2 minutes and had the rest of the day to chill. I ended 5th in Open men and was stoked to say that it was one hell of an epic day on the bike and would happily do a karapoti anyday than that again!

Thanks heaps to R&R Sport for the entry, and also to the Miller's for putting me up!

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