Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Beaupre - Mont St-anne

20 hours of flying then some more driving we finally made it to Mont St-anne in Quebec. The flight was good, little hectic making the connection in Vancouver to Montreal, but we made take-off by 4 minutes and got to our place in Mont St-anne eventually. So good to get out of the winter with the temperature here about 30 degrees warmer than NZ. That combined with the sun rising at 4am and setting at 9pm has taken some adjusting but slept in till 7.30 this morning.The first day we rode to the very top of Mt St-anne was about a 40 minute climb in the heat but was worth it for the view and the awesome descent off the top.

Have been being tourists as well, checking out waterfalls with some dodgy stairs up a cliff. Quebec City is about 30 minutes away and have been in to check it out, the old fort and views over the river.  As it gets closer to the race now we're just chilling out more during the day riding early, and nto doing much during the heat of the day.
Yaroslav getting his boost on
The track has been set up and it is good to be able to get on the track with not much traffic at the moment. The course itself is super rocky and rooty which suits me perfectly as a real bike handlers course. It loops back on itself quite a few times which makes it more spectator friendly and ensure some good tight racing. We will be doing 5 laps of the 5.2 kilometre track, but are looking at lap times around fifteen minutes for the fast guys.

There is hardly any passing on the track so the start will be crucial. Registered today and was given number 52 and thought i was starting number 52 on the grid, but looking at the start list it looks more like i'll be around 28th somewhere around the 5th row. There is a total of around 70 guys in the U23 category so should be good and will be amping to get a good start

The race itself is on Saturday morning at 9am here time, which in NZ is one am on Sunday morning. There is no live video coverage of our race but there is live timing at . I cannot wait to race as it has been awhile against racing the best in the world, and are keen to put a good performance in for my first race in the U23 category.
Entrance into rockgarden 

The internet is very dodgy here  and will get some solid photos up soon

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