Thursday, 14 June 2012

To Montreal

I’ve finally finished up my exams and am on the way to Montreal to get ready for the first World Cup round at Mt St-anne. I’ve been told that the course there is similar to Bethune’s in Dunedin so have been training hard smashing out the laps, feeling really good.

I can’t wait to get out of the cold my last ride yesterday was in 2 degrees, riding up through the snow was cool, but not ideal build up for the Quebec summer. She’ll be right though, last year I went from -3 to racing in 27 degrees in Val Di Sole, so I know it can be done. Huge thanks to Marky mark in R&R Dunedin for getting the rig running perfect, can’t wait to get on it and give it everything.

Leaving Dunedin this morning, tropical 1 degree on the left TV

The support I’ve had for this trip has been huge, from cheeky chats with lads to the amazing help from some big organisations and the laughs from Mr Kerr. Every little bit has helped me put it all together while studying from the deep south and I cannot thank people enough for keeping me on track. I want to put out some good performances for everyone who’s said goodluck, helped me out in training and been there from the start. Will keep it posted once we get to Montreal and have a look at the course, try get some footage out.


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  1. Hi Tom,
    All the best in the Norther hemisphere. I just know you will do us Kiwis proud.
    Many kisses and even more hugs,