Friday, 14 September 2012

Leogang - World DH Champs

After a few days more training in Thal including a good solid smash fest with Markus Neff and Dirk around the best tracks in the area, Dirk and I hopped in our browagon and drove across to Leogang in Austria for 5 days.

The World Champs were a bit odd this year, with the 4x and downhill being weekends apart, I hope this is not a sign of things to come as it always wicked fun seeing how the downhill boys do it. Anyway me and Dirk somehow found some accommodation 2 k's from the downhill so we could check it out, while also being 20 minutes ride away from the XC course for the following weekend to get some early practice on it.

Leogang is an amazing place and the mountains surrounding were incredible, this also meant for temperamental weather and we had one day of pouring rain and a high of 7 degrees. Followed by a 30+ degree day. I think the combination of this, not quite being recovered from Basel and a bug I may have picked in Thal combined to start making me cough and splutter on the Saturday before. I didn't think it was too major but still got some antibiotics in me from the NZ team courtesy of Karen!

Felt better watching the downhill on the Sunday and was awesome to see the big boys in action and everyone going mental for Minnaar.

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