Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mt Vic - NZ Cup

After spending the summer having an awesome time down in dirty Dunners it was time to head up north and come back home for a bit of racing. Welly turned it on for the Seven's this weekend and the super steep Mt Vic course was putting on a dust party of its own.

We had the whole NZXC team plus Karen staying at the Bradshaw wharae over the weekend so it was a good laugh all weekend.

Racing rolled around on Sunday afternoon and I was pumped to let it rip after a month or so of some pretty solid riding. My bike was back together thanks to Stylie and Tristan being the top bloke that he is, let me give the Wheelworks ENVE Wheels a run for the weekend.

Wholly shit, these wheels are amazing. I've always heard people yarning on about them but I was never fully convinced until taking them for a blast on practice on Saturday. After coming down the first downhill over steering everything, I got used to riding a pair of wagon wheels that actually go exactly where you tell them to go. Mt Vic is full of roots and the lines I was able to hit over/between/around them were made so easy with the stiff carbon rims. I found that I had learnt to compensate for the flex in the wheels, but once I got used to the stiffness it was a dream.

Too bad the radiator wasn't working on Sunday to keep up with the heat. The race itself started well getting the wholeshot off the line and sitting pretty comfortable for the first few laps. Cramp set in far too early and the heat finished me off completely. I got round the 6 laps in a semi conscious euphoric state due to the heat exhaustion  The crowd on the course was amazing, always awesome racing at home on the home track, its really what got me through to the end to battle in for 7th in Elite men.

After putting myself in the medical tent again, I'm
trying to recover in time for the final round of the National Series in  Auckland this week before National Champs in Roto the following week.

Loving riding the bike at the moment and can't wait to turn that into some speed over the next two weeks! 

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